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Natural & Colors



Because on online shops you can also find great home decor treasures, WearEverYouAre has selected for you some items in a natural spirit but with a touch of color to brighten up your interior.


- Embroidered Stripes Pillow, 34 $,


South American patterns are not only trendy for your wardrobe, they are also declined in blankets & pillow.


- Knotti Melati Hanging Chair, 498 $,


I've been looking for an hanging chair like this one for so long ! If I could I would hang it inside my home !
If you follow us on facebook and check regularly the influences in photo album, you'll see some inspirations pictures with these hanging chair! Worth check out to get some ideas.


- Wanderlust wall art, 44 $,


This wall art also inspired by South American patterns. It gives an original touch of colours on your wall !


Don't forget to accessorize your kitchen with some natural and colored items:


- Bamboo Eco-chic Cutlery, 36 ,


- Gemstone magnet, 36 $,


These precious stone are magnets ! Put them on your fridge or on any metallic support. So original !

Natural and Colors published on Thu January 19th 2012