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Internet has become the largest shopping mall in a world without borders,
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WearEverYouAre.com has selected the most fashionable e-boutiques all over the world for you.

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To help you during your shopping session, we have detailed the shipping and returns policies of each e-boutique on their profile. This way, no more bad surprises at checkout, you know in advance whether the e-boutique can ship to your country.


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More than a regular address book, WearEverYouAre.com publishes EVERYDAY fashion news on the magazine, an inspirational window-shopping experience !

Get fashion advice… WearEverYouAre.com features trendy outfits and inspires style ideas. Each recommended item is just a click away from purchase on online stores through our web experience.

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Discover different fashion cultures… Get ready for the trip, you will shop in places you've never been !


After International Marketing Studies, passionated by fashion and new technologies, Leslie SULMAN has imaginated and created the search engine WearEverYouAre.com in 2010, convinced of the growing potential of online shopping.

In a perpetual search of originality, as a "web-trotter", Leslie goes daily on the web to discover new shopping horizons and shares it with an international e-shopper community.

Totally independent, Leslie chooses, selects and lists the online boutiques that she considers the most interesting to consult, basing her choices on the originality and quality of the distributed products – a precise goal in mind : go off the beaten track to better stand out in a fashion too much globalized and duplicated.

Pioneering and avant-garde, WearEverYouAre.com has become an international standard for e-shopping, since its inception a few months ago.


WearEverYouAre helps you find whatever you want, wherever in the world you’d like to shop(...) We especially love that WearEverYouAre also aims to help give young, up-and- coming designers plenty of exposure, alongside larger, more familiar brands. Refinery29

For online shoppers suffering from Google exhaustion, a young Frenchwoman named Leslie Sulman may have developed just the antidote(...)WearEverYouAre complete the triumvirate for an appealing online business: a site that seamlessly integrates its purpose (search) with original media content and a social component.    The High Low

Le guide indispensable des globe-shoppeuses   Grazia France

Pour ne pas se perdre dans la jungle du e-shopping, on découvre le site WearEverYouAre ! Public